2024 Under 12s Stage 2 Level Rules

1. Team and Player Registrations 

All players/Parents or Caregivers are to read and Sign Winter Crickets individual player registration forms before commencing in their 1st match.

All teams are to pay nominated registration fees before the date given by thetournament director.

2. Competition Rules  

Competition shall be played under CA Junior Format Stage 2 rules.

Teams consist of Nine (9) players on the field with a maximum of 11 players named who must bowl (if they are present at the game). In each innings, all players nominated must be given the opportunity to participate in the match in either batting or bowling. A team is considered all out when 8 wickets have fallen, if a team does not have a full complement of players, the batting team is able to continue batting using previously dismissed batters until all 8 wickets have been taken. The order of returning batsman will be lowest scoring batsman first.

Age Guidelines

The following age guidelines apply as at 31 August of preceding year.

2a. Dress Code

2b. Equipment 

 2c. Scoring  

2d. Disputes 

2e. Coaches Responsibilities 

2f. Ground Conditions 

2g. Balls

2h. Grounds 

Grounds are to be nominated at the start of each season when filling in Team registrations forms

2i. Day and Duration of play 

Where Innings will be 25 overs per side
Where Innings will be 20 overs per side

2j. Retirement of players 

2k. Fielding Distances and Limits 

2l. Bowling restrictions 

2m. Wides and No balls  

2n. Weather  

3. Participation rules and general game etiquette. 

Player’s participation and development is to be the overriding principle observed in this Division.

To this end and to further the skill levels considering differing abilities coaches must bat and bowl their more capable players at the top of the order and their developing players at the bottom of the order.

The more capable and developing players must be rotated each match within their half of the order to ensure participation.

For example, a team with four capable batsmen must bat at positions 1 to 4 and be rotated within those positions each match so one isn’t opening all the time. Similarly bottom order batsmen must be rotated within positions 6 to 9. This also applies to more capable and developing bowlers in the bowling order selection.

A minimum of 5 players must be available on each team before a match can commence.

3a. Batting 

3b. Bowling 

3c. Fielding 

3d. LBW 

3e. Results and Scoring  

5. Finals 

6. Fees 

Registration Fee for this competition will be $150 per Side.

7. Laws of Cricket 

Unless otherwise stipulated in these playing regulations the normal laws of cricket apply (MCC)


8. Child Protection strategies and procedures. 

All children who participate in Winter Cricket organised activities have a right to feel and be safe. Winter Cricket is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children participating in our activities is maintained at all times. Winter Cricket is committed to ensuring the continued emotional and skills development through the provision of coaching programs and training for District clubs.

9. Etiquette

Toss of the coin 

Entering the playing field for commencement of play 

During play 
Leaving the field